Nighthawks, Melbourne © 2023 - photo by Leanne McLean


DBPB is a duo of guitarist Dave Brown and drummer Philip Brophy.


Guitar - Dave Brown
Drums & drum pads - Philip Brophy


Tracks composed/recorded by Philip Brophy & Dave Brown in Melbourne
Nighthawks, Melbourne


As a break from Turret Truck while bassist Bill McDonald was committed to various touring gigs, Dave and Philip formed a duo to see what they might come up with. The result was something less atmospheric and more angular. Think ESG meets DNA.


Philip's drum set-up is a minimal mix of a small kit, enhanced with occasional strikes on the Roland SPD-8. A small external sequencer plays moronically stilted and randomized patterns from the drum pads' internal sounds, most of which are severely dated by the drum pad's inbuilt aesthetics. Dave deploys yet another arrary of his incromprehensible guitar effects that make him sound like he is rennovatng a whole apartment building while playing guitar.